Infinite discography: 2010 ➨ 2014
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Lee Chearin in Paris.


in a world without Chanyeol, three very different individuals are desperately winding themselves around each other in hopes they might be able to revive what vague memory they have left of him. 

he’s gone, and there’s not much left of them either.

it’s an exhausting loop they should break out of, but Sehun can’t bring himself to do that. he’s nothing more than a pathetic ragdoll on most days, nothing more than the residue of a beautiful disaster.

just a feeling; part I / part II

[Star Cast BTS] Jimin's biggest worry as an artist

Q: It's already been a year into your debut. You must have made a lot of mistakes and worried unbelievably a lot also.
Jimin: This is embarrassing but I would debate a lot if I should or shouldn't go to the restroom before rehearsals. I don't know why I worried about it then!?
Rap Monster: Whether asleep or awake, I worried about dancing! I always thought of scenarios of forgetting a certain movement that'll cause our entire team to clash on stage.
J-Hope: It's not a worry but I think to myself now, "Why was I so happy before my debut?"
Jimin & Jungkook: You're happier now than before~

eye contact.